About Us

Salisbury Baptist Church has been around since 1969. A group of families first met together locally in their houses. As the church grew they purchased some land and commenced developing a facility that would help to both nurture their church life as well as connect with the wider community.

Since these early years the life of the church has ebbed and flowed, including some of its style and culture. However, being a Baptist church, the essentials have never changed: we worship and follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, the Bible is central to our faith and life, and we value gathering together – whether it be two or three of us or the whole church. We understand that we all grow best when connected with others.

Our activities are designed to connect with people at all stages of life. Our youngest member is a few months old and our oldest is in their nineties. We also have people from most continents. In God’s house and family, all are welcome and have a place. That includes you.