Community Activities

Life Groups

Life is rarely lived successfully in isolation. It’s just the way we’re made – we need each other. Even more so when it comes to living the Christian faith. Being a disciple, learning what it means to follow Jesus, is best done with others. That’s why we have small groups.

Every Wednesday morning and evening in various locations our church gathers in small clusters. There they consider issues of faith relevant for everyday life.

Pastoral Care

A healthy environment is one where care takes place. All in the church are involved in looking out for others; however within our church we have a small team who like to ensure critical needs are met.

For more info, contact Lesley Hartmann

OMG – Older Men’s Group

Join the blokes at their monthly coffee catch-up! Usually happening on a Friday morning. Feel free to contact Alan Burns for the latest info at

Creative Connections

Lots of women enjoy multi-tasking, especially when it involves craft, coffee and conversation. We have a bi-monthly gathering on Friday nights, were all are welcome to come craft and connect. Bring your craft of choice, or just bring yourself; the conversation is never dull and we love to meet new people!

If you would like to meet some other ladies or even find out more about a Creative Connections, contact Denise Ackers

JOY – Just Other Youth

Sometimes it the seniors who have the most fun! JOY meets once a month on Tuesdays. One day it might be a speaker at the church, the next you’re on a bus touring the Barossa Valley. It’s never dull, that’s for sure.

The more the merrier! Contact Lois Moore


Like to read? Need a book? Come and have a browse. Just contact the office on to find a suitable time.

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